Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wow, I have a hard time getting a seat at the Internet cafe, and that means that only the most important things get done on the Internet.  Typing at my desperately slow hunt and peck is not always in the cards.

The garden has been cleared, and I am now sitting cross-legged most mornings on the ground, re-pointing the stone work on the old oven.  this is slow work for me as well, as I have rarely worked in masonry.
In the evenings, I am slowly scraping the whitewash off the beams and the undersides of the floor boards of the second story.  I will tackle the second floor in a couple of weeks. 
It is all slow going, but I am settled in and have a sort of routine in place.
Harry just sniffs and pees...this is his life...Italian style.
Well, they are looking for a space for an elderly man, so I will sign off and try again when I have more to report.

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